AFUE -年度燃料利用效率

AFUE代表年度燃料利用效率. This shows how effective a gas furnace is in converting fuel into energy, the heat you feel. 这并不是一个精确的测量方法, 而是整个供暖季节的平均“热效率”. 你的AFUE百分比越高,你的炉子就越节能.


An 暖通空调 (加热, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning) system will typically have an 空气处理程序. 它是一种设备,使空气在你的家里或公司中循环.


空气净化器是去除花粉等污染物的设备, 灰尘, 以及房间里空气中的烟雾.

英热单位 -英国热量单位

英热单位代表英国热量单位,在国际上被用来测量能量. 对于暖通空调,Btu是空调在一小时内的散热量. 用于其他目的, Btu can also meant the amount of heat it takes to increase the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit.


The compressor is responsible for circulating refrigerant throughout an air conditioning unit.


The condenser coil removes heat from the air inside your home or business and releases it into the outdoors. It does this by taking the heat from the evaporator and transferring it outside through the refrigerant.


Some 暖通空调 systems make it possible to have differing temperatures in different parts of a home or business. The damper is the device that regulates the air flow to a room or section of the building. 这样你就可以在不影响其他房间的情况下改变一个房间的温度.


A ductless mini-split is a heating or cooling system located to heat and cool individual sections of a home or business. 而不是一个大的系统与“ms88明升国际网站”传播热量和冷却在整个家庭, 空气是局部的房间/部分. 室内的空气是分散的, 而是通过ms88明升国际网站连接到室外的压缩机或冷凝器.


The ductwork consists of the shafts and conduits that distributes or removes air throughout a home or business.

无论何时 -能源效率比

无论何时代表能源效率比. 这是使用标准测试条件计算的,而不是当前的温度. It is basically the amount of energy inputted to the amount of heat removed from the environment in the course of an hour under those set conditions.


A home or appliance that has an energy efficiency rating in the top 25% can become 能源之星 Certified. The 能源之星 program was started as an incentive for businesses and homeowners to invest in energy efficiency without regulations being forced on them.


也被称为沼泽冷却器, evaporative cooling systems utilize the natural heat transfer of evaporation to cool your home or business. 暖空气被吸入
由沼泽冷却泵保湿的冷却垫. 当水蒸发时, the cooler air is then circulated through the building while warm air is forced out through openings such as windows or doors.


皮带是最常见的沼泽冷却器. 它通过将鼓风机连接到电机来为其提供动力.


浮子或浮子开关位于本机的泄水盘内. Your swamp cooler/evaporative cooler removes heat through the process of evaporation. 通常情况下,这是通过排水ms88明升国际网站从设备上移除的. 如果这个堵住了,排水盘就会充满水. 当它满到足以抬起浮子时, 它触发一个开关,关闭机组,以防止水溢出和损坏.


对熔炉工作原理的一个简单解释是ms88明升国际网站将空气吸入其中, 炉子加热空气, 然后把它送回你的家. The air that is drawn in contains contaminants such as hair, 灰尘 and other particles. 过滤器能在这些污染物损坏你的炉子之前捕获它们.


暖通空调的线圈是热交换器. The air passing over the coils is heated or cooled by the temperature of the material –combustible fuel or refrigerant – inside the coils. The air is then recirculated to raise or lower the temperature of your home or business.


The heat load is the amount of heat needed to either be added or removed from a room or building to make it the preferred temperature.


热泵将热空气从一个地方输送到另一个地方. 它由两部分组成,一部分在里面,一部分在外面. 室内机为空气处理装置,用于分配. 外部单元有一个压缩机. When it is hot outside, a heat pump removes the warm air from the indoors to the outdoors. It can be reversed in the winter, transferring warm air from the outdoors to the indoors.


这是热量从一种材料转移到另一种材料的过程. 传热方式有三种:

传导 is when the heat from one object or materials is transferred by direct contact with another object or material. 不同的物质以不同的速度转移. 传导是当你接触冷窗户时发生的现象, 热量从你的皮肤传导到较低的温度.

对流 热量从一个地方转移到另一个地方. 就暖通空调设备而言,风扇或鼓风机参与对流. It moves heated or cooled air throughout a home or business and alters the building’s temperature.

辐射 是当热射线遇到一个物体. 物体能接收能量传递,但周围的空气不能. 空间加热器利用辐射加热周围环境.


高效微粒拦阻过滤器, 或HEPA过滤器, 是否用于清除空气中的颗粒,如动物皮屑, 花粉, 烟和其他很多东西. The device forces air through a mesh filter that captures the particles before releasing the purified air back into the room. HEPA filters are a great option for someone with asthma or other breathing difficulties.


有几种方法可以解释湿度. 实际的湿度称为绝对湿度. 这是水蒸气除以干燥空气的量. 温度越高,出现水蒸气或湿度的可能性就越大.

相对湿度有一点不同. This is the ratio of the Absolute 湿度 – how much water vapor is actually in the air – to how much humidity there could be for that temperature. 例如, a 30% humidity reading means that there is only 30% of the water vapor that there could be.


暖通空调代表加热、通风和空调. This refers to the systems to heat, cool and circulate the air in your home or business.


在安装冷暖系统之前, 所需要的装置的大小是由负荷计算确定的. 你的单位不应该太大或太小, 因为这两种情况都不会有成本效益或舒适. Your 暖通空调 professional will use a Manual J Calculation and computer software to determine the load calculation. Many factors play into this such as size and position of your home or business as well as insulation and window quality. 确保你得到的尺寸最符合你的需要.


Many heating and cooling units have components in various places throughout a building. 加热可能在一个地区,而冷却可能在另一个地区. A packaged system is an 暖通空调 unit that contains all the elements needed in one location.


制冷剂是一种用于空调的液体. It is a cooling agent that chills and dehumidifies air as it passes over the coils containing it. 它从室内空气中吸收热量,并将其转移到室外.

先见 -季节能源效率比

先见代表季节能源效率比. This helps you determine how much electrical energy is required per hour to output cool air. It is found by dividing the unit’s output by the electrical energy input throughout the cooling season. 一个高效的单元将有一个高先见.


A 智能恒温器 is an internet connected device that allows home and business owners to control the temperature in the building. Like the name suggests, it can be controlled from a smart 电话 or other internet devices. 它还允许用户查看能源使用和成本, 定制一个冷却时间表,分析习惯,并创建一个时间表.


这是一种空调或加热器,在建筑内部和外部都有单位. 每个房子的不同组成部分的系统. A simple description is that the inside unit contains air handling system while the outside unit holds the compressor and the condenser.


单级暖通空调系统只有一个Btu等级. 单级机组要么完全关闭,要么在高位运行.


两级暖通空调系统以不同的Btu额定值运行, depending on the amount of heat that needs to be removed from or brought into the building.


A swamp cooler pump is a device inside your evaporative cooler that pumps water onto the cooling pads. 水滴通过垫和收集在冷却器内. 水泵将水送回到垫子上,重复这个循环.


A variable speed motor alters the inverter speed of the unit based on the static pressure of the building. 它会根据需要自动增减,而且效率更高..


分区系统可以让你控制建筑物各个部分的温度. 不是每个房间或你的家庭或企业的部分都有相同的需求. 每个区域都有自己的恒温器,以方便调节.


分区系统可以让你控制建筑物各个部分的温度. 不是每个房间或你的家庭或企业的部分都有相同的需求. 每个区域都有自己的恒温器,以方便调节.